Aliens, Fact or Fiction

Fact or Fiction: Aliens

There are a lot of alien abduction stories circulating around the internet, but are any of them true? Are there really superior beings that come to study us, or are we alone in our universe? Let’s talk about that.

First of all, lets look at some math.

A 2017 survey showed that just under 50% of Americans believe in extraterrestrial life. That same survey showed that slightly less than 20% of Americans claim to have seen a UFO. That’s a lot of believers.

There are about 10^22 stars in our universe. Scientists estimate that 5% of those stars are similar to our sun. That’s around 500 billion billion suns. We estimate that 1 in 5 of those suns has a planet similar to Earth. With that many planets that can support life, it seems highly unlikely that we are alone in the universe.

Some people believe that some world sites like Stonehenge and the pyramids were built using alien technology. However we have discovered forms of ancient engineering that would allow these sites to be built without the help of extraterrestrials. Here is an excerpt from an article I found detailing its construction:

To erect a stone, people dug a large hole with a sloping side. The back of the hole was lined with a row of wooden stakes. The stone was then moved into position and hauled upright using plant fibre ropes and probably a wooden A-frame. Weights may have been used to help tip the stone upright. The hole was then packed securely with rubble.

Timber platforms were probably used to raise the horizontal lintels into position. Then, the final stage of shaping the tenons took place, to ensure a good fit into the mortice holes of the lintel.

I want to present you with the first widely publicized alien abduction story.In 1961 Barney and Betty Hill, an American couple, spotted a bright light in the sky and it began moving rapidly toward them. The craft arrives at their location, they see the aliens and hear a strange buzzing sound, and the next thing they knew they were in their truck 35 miles away from where the incident occurred. Their story, when read in detail, is one of the most believable abduction stories I’ve heard. Here is a link to a Wikipedia article detailing their story.

I know some of you reading this will not believe in aliens simply because you believe in God, and because religious texts do not have any mention of life elsewhere in the universe. This is perfectly reasonable, however, it seems unlikely to me that God would create an infinite universe with absolutely nothing to discover in it. Even if the life we find is no more complex than an worm, I believe it is likely that there is at least something out there. I do agree that there is not necessarily intelligent  life out there.

I’m not here to argue with your beliefs, but I want to present you with facts and allow you to make your own decision. According to statistics it is highly likely that life exists apart from Earth. What form that life takes, I don’t know.

Do you believe in aliens? Do you have a UFO story? Share it with me in the comments, I love hearing them.


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